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Next Local Meeting
Our next local meeting will be on Sunday, September 14th at 6:30 at the University of Akron James A. Rhodes Arena, Tommy Evans Room.  The instruction topic will be Dangerous Tackles.  Remember, you must attend 4 local meetings to avoid being suspended by the state.

Next Fitness Test
Our next fitness test will be Sunday, September 14th at 5:30 at the University of Akron Track before the local rules meeting.  The test will consist of a 12 minute run and a 100-meter sprint.  This is not mandatory, but does count towards your referee ranking if you participate.

Concussion Clarification
There was some confusion regarding concussions and how to deal with them after our last rules meeting.  Here is an official clarification from our rules interpreter, Mike Kaluza:

 If the referee thinks there are concussion symptoms present, the player doesn't play the rest of that day. It makes no difference what anyone else thinks, including a medical doctor. On the other hand, if the referee does not think that there are concussion symptoms present, but the team trainer or a team doctor, or the coach believes that there are concussion symptoms present, the player doesn't play the rest of the day. In other words, if any one of the "game administrators" believes that there are concussion symptoms present, the player doesn't play. No one individual has veto authority over any other game administrator. The decision does not require a consensus. However, practically speaking the referee can certainly consult with the other game administrators and reach his conclusion based upon that input. But it still remains that if he decides that concussion symptoms are present then he must not let the player remain in the game.

Peer Ranking Changes
We have made some changes involving our peer ranking system.  The Arbiter peer ranking system will no longer count in our referee ranking system; this will be replaced by an OHSAA-mandated association vote which will also double as a vote for tournament selection.  The peer ranking will remain active on Arbiter as an educational tool.

Arbiter Pictures
We are now encouraging all members to have a picture of themselves on Arbiter.  This will help assist people in our end-of-year tournament voting by allowing other referees to see who you are.  Michael Porpora and Bill Roth will have cameras at the September 14th meeting and will take pictures for anyone who needs them.

We will now be providing assessments for anyone interested in getting feedback on their performance.  The assessment fee will be $20.  If you are interested in receiving a maintenance assessment, please contact Jim McCoy or Rick Hanna.

Membership Info
We are always looking for members to join our association.  Dues are $35.  If you are interested in joining and would like more info, feel free to browse our site or contact one of our board members on the GASOA Contacts page.

2014 OHSAA Handbook
Below is a link to the 2014 OHSAA Soccer Officials Guide.  This has usually been distributed to us with our rulebooks but is now online only.  The link is as follows:
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